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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Botany Downs Kindergarten!

Yesterday some children from Botany Downs Kindergarten came to visit us to present us with a DVD they have made of Maori waiata. Waiata is the Maori word for song.
Today we watched some of the DVD and we sang along to the songs that we knew. We were so excited to hear some songs that we sing in Room 9 and there were even some songs that we knew from our kindergartens, daycares and playcentres! But best of all, we saw some of our friends that we have been talking to on Skype. We were so suprised when you didn't wave back....oh, that's right, you have to be on Skype to do that!

Thank you Botany Downs Kindergarten! You are all stars!

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Leslie Bender Clark said...

Hello from the Clarks. Ryan's first day of school was Mon 21 June. He was very excited about being part of the delivery team that brought the cd to Room 9! Excellent blog. Keep it up! Cheers, Leslie and Paul, and Ryan and Vanessa too.