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Friday, April 30, 2010

Planet Making in Room 9

Today we added a second layer to our planets. We hope that they will now be stronger!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Space Song

This is a fun song to sing about all the things that you might see from a rocket ship!

How do Astronauts in Rockets Get Back to Earth?

The Saturn V Rocket Taking Off

We are learning about rockets. We want to know what they look like so we can make rockets in class. We pretended we were in a rocket today by laying down and watching this rocket take off. We have learnt lots of things about rockets, but we also have lots of questions we want to answer!

Here is the link to the Rocket Movie:

Saturn V Rocket Taking Off

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter from Room 9

I can't wait to eat my Easter egg. My favourite is red and orange. - JH
I like it when the Easter Bunny brings Easter eggs and he comes out at night time. - WH
I can't wait to see my friends. I want to go and play with them. - MO
I like the Easter Bunny. I like his fluffy tail. -CL
In the Easter Holidays I want to visit my Grandma. -SP
In the Easter Holidays I am going to my friends house to play. - KC
I'm excited about going to "Ponganui". I will see boats and mountains. - KS
In the holidays I am going to buy Easter eggs. My favourite colours are purple and orange and green. - HD
I can't wait to eat my orange and black Easter egg. It will taste like orange and blackberries. - CB
I am looking forward to digging for worms. I have a worm farm in my playhouse. - MI
I can't wait to have my Easter eggs. I like orange and green ones because the green tastes like lime and the orange tastes like orange. -OS
I can't wait to lay down and have a sleep this Easter because I am very tired. I might visit my Mum and Dad and sleep there too! - MC

Sun Spots

Today we learnt that sun spots are made by magnetic activity which makes some spots on the sun colder than other places. That is why they look black.