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Friday, May 14, 2010

An Exciting Day in Room 9

We had an exciting day in Room 9 today. First we went to a great assembly led by Room 17 and then after visiting the library we talked to the kindergarten using Skype. It was our first time and we have learnt lots about where we need to sit to be seen on the webcam. We had to be quiet when the kindergarten children were asking us questions about the GINORMOUS spider we found in the cloakroom.

We spent the rest of the day learning about rockets and making our own rocket models. A lot of our rockets have booster rockets on them. These give the rocket extra power to get into space, but the booster rockets fall back to earth to be used again. Can you see our booster rockets in the pictures?

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Nicky Ivill said...

Great work Mia, I think your rocket is fantastic! It looks like you had alot of fun making it. It will definitely blast off into space