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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter from Room 9

I can't wait to eat my Easter egg. My favourite is red and orange. - JH
I like it when the Easter Bunny brings Easter eggs and he comes out at night time. - WH
I can't wait to see my friends. I want to go and play with them. - MO
I like the Easter Bunny. I like his fluffy tail. -CL
In the Easter Holidays I want to visit my Grandma. -SP
In the Easter Holidays I am going to my friends house to play. - KC
I'm excited about going to "Ponganui". I will see boats and mountains. - KS
In the holidays I am going to buy Easter eggs. My favourite colours are purple and orange and green. - HD
I can't wait to eat my orange and black Easter egg. It will taste like orange and blackberries. - CB
I am looking forward to digging for worms. I have a worm farm in my playhouse. - MI
I can't wait to have my Easter eggs. I like orange and green ones because the green tastes like lime and the orange tastes like orange. -OS
I can't wait to lay down and have a sleep this Easter because I am very tired. I might visit my Mum and Dad and sleep there too! - MC


Belinda said...

I love your Easter Bunnies! The fluffy tails are very cute. I hope you all get lots of Easter eggs - yum yum!

Nicky Ivill said...

Happy Easter Room 9. Hope you all enjoy the holidays and Miss Cotman has a nice rest